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Breath is Life - Pranayam Workshop Series

May 09, 2023

Written by Anitha Bellary

Breath is life. With our breath life starts and ends.  Our breathing gives us insight into our interdependence, connectedness and reciprocation with the greater universe. We participate in this life cycle by nourishing the plants and trees with our exhale and in turn the trees give us the oxygen we need. Reflecting on this with each breath by itself can become a mindful practice full of gratitude.

We seem to invest time, money and thought in many ways to build physical fitness, cardio, strength etc. - and yet we miss out on the vital component: Breath, the power and the link between the body and mind.

In yogic and upanishadic texts, Prana is explained as the universal life force that sustains us on all levels. It animates, energizes our sensory organs, limbic system and influences our physical, mental and emotional health. Yogis have discovered that breath is our organic connection to this prana, and by working with breath we can connect, access and tune into this vital energy.

TBY is hosting an interactive Pranayam Workshop Series on May 20-21, 2023. In the first session of this series, we will explore the building blocks of breath:
  • Posture and its effects on breathing

  • Asanas to improve posture

  • Respiratory system

  • Diaphragmatic breathing

  • Breathing cadence

  • Breathing techniques to energize and restore

  • Breathing for mindfulness and meditative practice

Join fellow yoga practitioners to learn how optimal breathing can help you with managing energy, performance, sleep, stress and mental calmness. 

Register for the series here!

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