Susan Fackler

Susan was first introduced to yoga more than 15 years ago.  She was always told that she should practice. Finally, in 2003, she took her first class and was completely hooked.  The accessibility of the poses is what drew her more deeply into her spiritual journey, which continues to evolve to this day.  Susan often uses her experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) to help her students find a more grounded space within themselves.  In 2012, after having practiced yoga for many years, Susan finally took the plunge and signed up for Teacher Training at Total Body Yoga.  

In the same year she signed up for teacher training, Susan lost her husband Mark in a whitewater rafting accident while they were on vacation together.  This unimaginable tragedy shook Susan to the core of her being and brought her face-to-face with the questions of her life and the surrounding Universe.  As she began the process of healing and moving forward and even getting through the hours and days following the loss of her husband, Susan took the opportunities presented within the framework of yoga.

To move through her grief from this great loss, Susan began practicing Kundalini yoga regularly with Scott Adelman.  As a result, she became a voracious Kundalini practitioner in addition to other Hatha Yoga modalities. 

In 2013, Susan received her yoga teaching certification.  In addition to teaching, She just received her Yoga Nidra (Divine Sleep) certification in the Spring of 2016 from Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts.  Currently, Susan is one of the few Yoga Nidra teachers in the area on a consistent weekly schedule. 

Susan also received her certification to teach kids' yoga from through Nancy Nedland's Yogi Sprouts training.

Susan has brought her knowledge attained from Yoga Nidra to all of her other life practices and occupations. Her desire is for her students to find healing within themselves through this great practice.