Sidney Porter

Sidney is a certified Lifestyle Wellness Coach and Behavioral Change Specialist for Especially for You.  
Since 2005, Sidney has passionately partnered with individuals in identifying, developing and achieving a healthier and more productive version of themselves, across the various pillars of Wellness (Physical, Mental and Emotional).

Combining a proficiency in multiple modalities, with an unmatched combination of authenticity and empathy, he provides a unique coach/client relationship that is fertile ground for the manifestation of one's deep-desired Health and Wellness goals.  As his business name states, you can expect an experience with Sidney that is "Especially for You".

Sidney is available for multi-channel Individual and Group coaching sessions, in addition to speaking engagements and facilitating special events.

You can reach Sidney:
Phone- (224) 623-3718
Facebook- Especially for You, Lifestyle Wellness Coaching