Sarah Longfield

Sarah’s love affair with yoga began over 8 years ago.  She was a recent college graduate filled with anxiety and stress about the next step in her life when she landed on a yoga mat.  Sarah quickly discovered the positive mental and physical effects that yoga can have and was hooked. A few years into her avid practice, she decided that she wanted yoga to be her life’s work. For that reason, she quit her job as a school teacher and headed to Costa Rica, where she became a certified yoga teacher through Frog Lotus International.  Since Costa Rica in 2013, Sarah has never lost sight of the importance of being a student of yoga first. She has attended numerous workshops and trainings with many master teachers. Most recently, Sarah spent a month in Hawaii to complete her 500 Hour Teacher Training certification through the Pranashama Institute.

Knowing that yoga can be intimidating to begin for many, Sarah’s intention is to make yoga approachable for everyone.  She is a big fan of giving many options throughout the class so that students can choose the pose variations that feel best for them.  Her ultimate goal is that her students can leave their mats feeling less stressed, more connected, physically energized and inspired with a smile on their face.  The practice of yoga has forever changed Sarah’s life for the better, she hopes to assist you in achieving the same gift.