Peg Cronin

I have always been curious about the connection between health and lifestyle.  Undergraduate study in Behavioral Science led to work as a social worker and counselor.  Further interest in prevention and wellness led to a graduate degree in Public Health Education and years working as an educator and administrator in prevention and wellness.

My work allowed me the privilege of coming alongside clients as they considered healthier choices for their own lives.  My desire to journey through life with greater ease in body and mind allowed exploration of options that would serve us both.  Serendipitously, this path led to the practice of yoga and meditation.


In 2005 I began a regular yoga practice. It was a point in my life when miles logged from years of running, a busy life, and mild scoliosis had taken their toll.  Chronic back and shoulder pain, migraine headaches and a growing grumpiness made me the perfect candidate to take on a regular yoga practice.


Falling in love with yoga was a beautiful process for me.  At first, I continued only because somewhere deep inside I believed it was good for me. I thought my postures did not look or feel how they should.  In time, I learned to leave that mindset at the door. Surrendering myself to slow down I began to understand that yoga was really a moving meditation.


As I continued to practice, the initial subtle changes in myself became profound ones.  I was amazed that while the practice eased physical pain, it also added a deep peace and joy. While I anticipated yoga would provide some physical relief, I found my spirit release as well.


My teaching aim is to make my students feel welcome and comfortable, helping them connect breath with gentle movement, cultivating a state of presence and stillness where healing is invited.


I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and maintain certification as a Health Education Specialist (CHES). Currently, I am in a 500-hour advanced teacher training with an emphasis on therapeutics.  I acknowledge, with deep gratitude, the model and inspiration of Doug Keller, Herbert Benson M.D., the staff of the Mind/Body Medical Institute in Boston, the Blue Sun Yoga team and each teacher I have met on this path. They all continue to inform my life and teaching.