Michelle Fiore

I found yoga just when I needed it.  When I arrived at the practice, it was at a time when I had all of the trappings of material existence that are supposed to make you happy (at least according to society), but I was miserable. Practicing yoga transformed my life.

At first, I viewed the discipline as a form of exercise and nothing more. I attended class once a week and always enjoyed it. However, as I continued, yoga went from a practice to my passion. I got certified to teach Hatha yoga, Tantra yoga, and finally Level 1 Kundalini yoga.  It was the discovery of Kundalini that has forever changed my life. I felt the calling from deep inside to share the teachings, and so I continued with my Level 2 studies & will be complete with my 500 hour E-RYT in Kundalini Yoga in September of 2017. In addition, I am currently in the process of training to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer. This process takes years, and it is fulfilling a deep desire from within myself to share these transformative teachings. As a result, I feel tremendous purpose and am deeply grateful for that.

My practice has taught me how to live consciously, create a path for flow in my life, and attract things that fulfill and fuel me. I now devote my life to inviting my students to transform their own lives through the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

My teaching philosophy is about  encouraging  students to feel perfect wherever they are in their yogic journey. I am not a teacher telling a student the “right” way to experience a posture or a practice. Rather, I am a guide, helping a student to celebrate and to be inspired by their own self-discovery and individual nature. It is our uniqueness that makes us beautiful.

I studied Music in college and have since woven my 2 deepest passions of music & yoga into the creation of the Kundalini Yoga band “Preet”. We are professional recording artists, having released the CD “Celestial Essence” in January of 2017. We have had the blessing to perform at the world’s largest Kundalini Yoga Festival, Summer & Winter Solstice Celebrations, on multiple occasions.

In my spare time, I love to be surrounded by friends. Heading to the mountains with my amazing husband and best friend John for relaxation and peace is another favorite pastime. I also love to play and nap with my three cats, Myles, Nyx, and Alibi. Whatever I do in life, I attempt to do so with awareness and presence, knowing that each step along the way, especially if it is a challenging one, is a potent teacher.  

I am truly grateful to all the people and experiences that the Universe has presented to me.