Megan Mazzocco

Our bodies are an untapped source of renewable energy. Trained properly, the body and breath serve as steadfast conduits to an infinitely restorative resource. Yoga reshapes our brains and bodies. A conditioned bodymind moves through life on a path of ease, experiencing greater happiness, more restorative sleep, harmonious engagement and effortless wellbeing.


I discovered yoga in my early twenties, and in recent years, I’ve relied on my daily yoga and meditation practice in order to sustain career and family life while managing chronic Lyme disease. That was the genesis of yogaXdesign—a collection of practices that buoy my wellbeing and enhance my creativity. I became a certified yoga instructor in 2017 and began sharing my practices for daily creative renewal with other deadline-driven professionals.


I studied under Suddha Weixler at Chicago Yoga Center, and over the years, I’ve broadened my knowledge of yoga through workshops with Manju Jois, Rod Stryker, Gabriel Halpern and Desiree Rumbaugh.


Yoga has a ripple effect, and in that spirit, yogaXdesign is a social impact enterprise: ten percent of profits go to mission critical community organizations such as Wauconda-Island Lake Food Pantry and PADs of Lake County.