Kim Eisendrath

Kim has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and finds it as a source of strength and inspiration being present in her body while expanding her mind. Her yoga practice has been a journey of self discovery, healing her energy, mind and body. She has truly embraced the spirit of yoga, allowing it to be a guide in her life.


Kim earned a masters degree in special education and worked as a teacher, consultant and ADHD coach for over 25 years, She has a unique way of meeting people where they are at and seeing their individual value as a human. She has always had a passion for working with those who have been misunderstood and dismissed by the status quo. This has become a map for her in pursuing her passions and living her life in service


Fortunate to have had the privilege of studying yoga in the Krishnamacharya lineage under Laura Jane Mellencamp where Kim completed her RYT 200 hour training in September 2020. She additionally has training in Yoga for Trauma, Meditation and has become a TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercise) Provider to further the healing in ones body through organic movements. She will continue to add certifications in accessible yoga and yoga therapy. 


As Director of Social Change for THE EPIC Foundation, which supports individuals living with and caregivers of those living with invisible chronic illnesses, Kim feels fulfilled by supporting a cause close to her heart.


Kim holds a deep connection and compassion for all of humanity, truly seeing the individual light in each person she comes across. She wants to help people discover their own gifts to recover from emotional and physical stressors through the practice of yoga and TRE. She is finally living her souls calling by giving back to others through these practices.


When not practicing yoga, Kim enjoys her family, reading, beach walks and anything outside in nature.  She has been married to her sweet, supportive and funny husband Bobby for a very long time, they have two cute dogs that fill the space of their two amazing college aged kids who are not home at the moment.