Jill O'Brien

My personal yoga practice has revealed to me that there are great things inside of us just waiting to bloom. This revelation came some time after a friend kept insisting I give this ancient discipline a try. After years of practice, I became a reformed fitness buff. My weight training, running and cardio seemed less interesting as I continually immersed myself into the world of yoga. I went from distracting myself from my internal world to craving the quiet of hitting my yoga mat as a way to get better acquainted with myself both physically and emotionally.

The physical and spiritual changes were so profound that I mustered the courage to enroll in teacher training at Total Body Yoga. Years ago, my learning path continued with energy work and I incorporate my background in energy healing in all of my yoga classes. My teaching style could be described as a playful exploration of the human spirit and potential. I am passionate about helping people heal their amazing bodies by combining energy healing techniques with postures. I feel that I am guide to help students return to sense of wholeness.

“We are all artists and our greatest creation is in living our lives.” - Dudley Martineau