Edie Thompson

In 2005, I stumbled into yoga thinking it would be a nice stretch addition to my work out. Soon after, however, I gave up my physical fitness routine and turned my focus to yoga and working from the inside out. Layers peeled away and shifts occurred. What appeared as a breakdown to me was actually a spiritual breakthrough and the beginning of self-discovery. I quit working as a real estate accountant downtown and began my yoga teacher training studying under Baron Baptist’s Power Method in Chicago. I embrace many styles of yoga, especially more meditative practices. I’m a seeker, grower, constantly going on retreats, and attending workshops or classes soaking in as much knowledge from the Universe as possible.

Earning an MBA from DePaul primed me to be the proprietor of a Chicago med spa and salon and also led me to my current board member position for the Infinity Foundation. My busy life as a wife and mom of 2 girls includes being a PTA chair, lunch supervisor and nutritional advocate for children. At my core, I’m a spiritual seeker, hug dealer, dream chaser, giver and feel that if you change one life you can change the world!