Christina Pritchett

Special Guest Poet

Christina discovered the wonderful world of yoga just a short year ago. She initially started taking classes at Kula Yoga Lifestyle in Buffalo Grove. Due to an unfortunate closure of the studio, Christina was eager to continue her practice, so she searched until she found just the right one. During the week, Christina is busy being a full time social worker, so it is safe to say her work can be quite stressful and hectic at times. Christina said yoga has been a self-care cornerstone that has helped her mental and physical health tremendously. There is, however, something else she likes to do in her spare time…write poetry.

Christina was initially inspired to write poetry after reading a small piece of poetry inside a paper crane, while on spring break during college. The line read as such, “Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself”—from the famous poet, Rumi. Ever since then, she attempts to bring the big picture, age old questions and themes like love, compassion, death, resilience, etc. into a small, singular moment of contemplation. She not only wants her readers to be inspired, she aims to make them Christina's writings can be found on her blog page CPoetry