Brooke Cline

Brooke fell in love with yoga 12 years ago when she first started practicing out of necessity in order to relieve back pain from a herniated disc while pregnant with her first child. Not only was she able to eliminate her back pain while other methods failed, but she quickly learned that there was a lot more going on then just the physical practice. With yoga, she was able to take time for herself and really focus on the connection between her mind, body and spirit.

Over the years, Brooke found that being on the mat was some of the only time she had to decompress while working in a stressful job environment and raising her two young children. Her long struggle with panic attacks and anxiety began to disappear with a regular yoga practice. It had been such an incredible gift and necessity in her life that she decided she wanted to learn as much about yoga as she could.

Brooke completed her 200 hour certification through Blue Sun Yoga and she is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. Brooke is completing her 500 hour certification through Yoga Medicine. She continues to expand her knowledge and find inspiration through many workshops and classes from various teachers and styles of yoga. Her intention as a yoga teacher is to help share the healing effects of yoga with others. Ultimately she realizes she is simply a guide for her students to find their own practice and do what speaks to them.

Brooke's biggest joy is spending time with her family. She also loves hanging out with friends, seeing live music, reading and spending time outside.