Anna Ottolino

Anna has been teaching yoga since 2009 and loves helping people to cultivate more meaning in their lives through encouraging them connect to themselves through yoga and meditation. She believes that the stress relieving qualities of a consistent practice along with the mental, physical and emotional strengthening can greatly impact ones life on a multitude of levels. Her teaching style has a strong focus on alignment and turning inward for spiritual reflection, sprinkled with some fun and challenge. Anna is the founder and former owner of The Yoga Effect in Grayslake and most recently, her passion for travel inspired her to start Inward Bound, where she plans spiritual retreats in beautiful destinations, bringing all of her passions together. Anna is certified in both Reflexology and Reiki and received her yoga training with Martin Kirk, author of Hatha Yoga Illustrated. She is grateful to her students who helped her to grow as a teacher and to her many teachers, specifically Chad Satlow, Mara Campbell and Bhante Sujatha. Anna is so happy to be a part of the TBY community.