How do I register for an account?  It’s not working and I’m frustrated!

To Register for an account, please read the following information:

If you already attend TBY Yoga and have bought classes either at the studio or online, please utilize the left side of the registration page where you enter your email address you have been using with the studio and click on the “Forgot Password” link.

  1. Go to your email and open the message associated with TBY Yoga.  Please note that you may need to check your spam folder if you have not received messages from TBY Yoga before.
  2. Click on the provided link.
  3. Create a new password following the parameters provided.
  4. Log in to your account.  Please save all account information for future logins.

If you have never attended TBY Yoga before, either online or at the studio, utilize the right side of the Registration Page where you create an account

  1. Follow the prompts and make sure to enter your information as requested.
  2. Make sure to click all appropriate checkboxes.
  3. Read the waiver information
  4. Log in to your account.  Please save all account information for future logins.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question:  Even after reading the above, I keep trying to create an account, but it will not let me.  What am I doing wrong?


  • If you have been to TBY Yoga before (even when it was Total Body Yoga), you have an existing account because you have attended the studio before.  As such, sign up on the left side of the registration page and click on “Forgot Password”  You will receive an email with a link to create a new password.  Logging in should be accessible after that.
  • If you have never been to TBY Yoga before in any of its incarnations, register a new account.  If you follow all of the prompts correctly upon doing this, you should be able to create a new account.  Make sure you enter your email correctly because a confirmation will be sent there.

Question:  I just signed up for a Livestream Class.  Where do I find my Zoom link and password?

Answer: Upon purchasing a Livestream Class, you can find the Zoom link and password in a couple of places:

  • After you have signed in to your account, If you click on “My Account”, then click on the “History” tab, the Zoom ID and the Password for the class you just purchased will be there.
  • A receipt is sent to your email containing both the link to the Zoom class and the password.

Question: Can I use my Livestream Class package to pay for In-Studio Classes?  Can I do it the other way around?  What about outdoor classes?  


  • Livestream class packages only apply to Livestream Classes
  • In-Studio Class packages only apply to In-Studio Classes
  • Outdoor classes (sometimes referred to as pop-up yoga) can utilize Livestream or In-Studio Class Packages.  In most cases, outdoor classes will also have a Zoom option.

Question: If an in-studio class shows as “full” on the website, can I come to the studio in person and see if there is still space?


Unfortunately, as much as we would love to see you, because of social distancing requirements and for the health and safety of everyone, if you are not able to sign up for a class online for practicing in person at the studio, it means that the class is full.  We are hoping that, as restrictions lift and we are able to move forward in a Post COVID19 world, we will be able to expand the allowable number of participants in classes such that limits on live classes will no longer be an issue.

Question:  I signed up for an in-studio class but couldn’t go.  Can I get my money back?


If you are able to cancel 24 hours or more before your class, you can have a full refund.  However, by signing up online for an in-studio class, you are occupying a spot that could potentially be used by someone else.  As such, if we are unable to fill that spot because it was occupied, this becomes problematic because we may not be able to fill the spot.  As such, if it is less than 24 hours and you do not inform us that you need to cancel your attendance, we will not be able to refund you.

Question: I signed up for a Livestream Class but couldn’t go.  Can I get my money back?


If you are able to cancel 24 hours or more before your class, you can have a full refund.  Please let us know by emailing us at  If you are unable to cancel 24 hours or more before the class, we would be happy to offer you a credit towards a future Livestream class.  Please email us at support, tell us the class you would be interested in taking, we will provide you the information for it.

Question: If I want to see which classes I have purchased or which classes I will be attending, is there a way to do that?


Yes.  Make sure you are signed into your account, and then go to your home page by clicking “My Account”.  Once there, click on the “History” tab and it will show you your purchase history, as well as upcoming classes for which you have signed up.  If you purchased a Livestream class, the Zoom ID and the password are also here.