Over the past 20 years, I have taught in hundreds of yoga studios worldwide and TBY Yoga is one of the true gems. Andrew and Julia have a two-pronged goal in their minds and hearts: to create community and uphold the yogic wisdom they value. As owners and leaders they have made a clear decision to operate from their beliefs and to provide consistent, yogic teachings both on and off the mat. They prioritize transparency and stand for their values with fortitude. I am proud to call them my friends and honored to be a visiting teacher at this outstanding studio.

Desiree R.

Among the many great things about total body yoga is welcoming acceptance of all people regardless of age, faith, background, orientation or social class!! Loving community! Yoga accessible to all levels and body types!

Jose Q.

I have tried ALL of the yoga studios in the Northwest suburbs. Without a doubt, this is the best. The owners have created a studio with the perfect vibe. The practice area is large, clean, peaceful, and welcoming. All the teachers are professional, knowledgeable and make every student feel comfortable. Anyone who wants to start a yoga practice should begin here.

Susan W.

Love this studio! The teachers are fantastic and instructional. There are so many options for classes and different levels so there is a class for everyone!

Rochelle A.

This a welcoming environment filled with people who create a great family atmosphere. All the teachers are amazing and there are classes for everyone. I’m so glad I found this place.

Terry L.

This is a great place to learn/grow your practice. I was new to yoga, and I am having a wonderful experience. Julia and Andrew have created a place where everyone is welcome and encouraged. The teachers are very knowledgeable. TBY is a really loving and kind community. It’s amazing! You gotta check it out for yourself.

Cynthia W.

TBY Yoga is a tremendous yoga studio. From the minute you first walk in the door you feel he sense if community. All of the instructors at TBY are dedicated and make sure they meet you where you are. They also excel in helping you make adjustments to your practice that are effective for you.

Paul S.

Julia and Andrew have created such an amazing space at TBY Yoga. I live in Chicago (where I also did my teacher training) but work in the northern suburbs, which is how I found TBY. Ever since the studio where I trained in Chicago closed I’ve been looking for a new home studio. There are so many studios across Chicagoland… some have a great atmosphere, some have amazing teachers, but it’s incredibly difficult to find a studio that has it all… and where there is also a connected, caring community where ALL feel welcome. At TBY yoga, they put effort into ensuring that yoga is never intimidating and that there truly is something for everyone. This is what sets this studio apart. While I generally only attend a few classes due to my schedule, they have a diversity of class offerings and times to accommodate anyone’s schedule. They care about their students and hire quality teachers that truly care about helping students build a safe, sustainable yoga practice. I am so grateful to be a part of the TBY community (I only wish I could clone the studio so that we could have one in the city)! Keep up the great work my friends and thanks for all you do. 🙏🏼

Natalie B.

There are few places in the world that hold such a special place in my heart. Everything at TBY from the general atmosphere and energy of the space to the amazing breadth of class options and knowledge of the individual teachers is a wonder to behold. The entire community that TBY has created can change you in ways that you never could have imagined if you allow it. I’m so grateful for this place.

Jon S.

I have been practicing with Julia for more than a year and a half. Julia instructs me in a therapeutic yoga because of physical limitations. Through this I have come to utilize breathing, meditative, and body movements to help with pain, to calm,  to strengthen and to move more freely. Her teachings and our discussions have opened my mind to look at life and all that entails with a different view. If you are fortunate to have the opportunity to study with Julia, don’t pass it up.

Mark V.

TBY Yoga is located at 450 N. Seymour Ave. in Mundelein (inside Life Force Health Center). Outdoor Classes are held May-September in Libertyville CLICK HERE FOR MAP. See Prices and  Registration Instructions. Click for a Printable Schedule. We look forward to seeing you!

Sunday- 9:30 am Intermediate Yoga with Julia

Livestream & In-Person

*Email julia@tbyyoga.com for Zoom info



Must RSVP for In-Person – Registration

Thursday – 9:30 am Basics with Carole Edmark

Livestream & In-Person 

*email julia@tbyyoga.com for Zoom info


Must RSVP for In-Person. Register

Friday – 8:00 am Intermediate with Susan Finerty

Livestream & In-Person 

*email julia@tbyyoga.com for Zoom info


Must RSVP for In-Person- Registration

Saturday- 9:30 am Restorative & Gentle with Julia

Livestream & In-Person 

*email julia@tbyyoga.com for Zoom info


Must RSVP for In-Person- Registration

Saturday- 9:30 am Intermediate with Andrew

Outdoor Only 


Must RSVP – Registration

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