Journey to a Happier, Healthier You
6:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Live Stream
Price: $20.00

Live, Zoom Check-in Event

with Sidney Porter

Lifestyle Wellness Coach & Behavioral Change Specialist

*for participants who viewed Sidney's 4-part video series

After watching Sidney's four motivational and informational videos on changing habits - participants now get to check-in with the expert coach on progress, setbacks, successes, and to receive live coaching.

This event is the perfect compliment to keep you motivated after viewing the inspirational, habit-changing, and hopefully, life-altering videos. The live, Zoom event is also a great way to connect with and cheer on fellow yogis wishing to incorporate other healthy practices into their lives.

While this event is optional, participants are strongly encouraged to share as getting encouragement from the group is more likely to help healthy habits to become permanent.

About Sidney 

Sidney is a certified Lifestyle Wellness Coach and Behavioral Change Specialist for Especially for You.  
Since 2005, Sidney has passionately partnered with individuals in identifying, developing and achieving a healthier and more productive version of themselves, across the various pillars of Wellness (Physical, Mental and Emotional).

Combining a proficiency in multiple modalities, with an unmatched combination of authenticity and empathy, he provides a unique coach/client relationship that is fertile ground for the manifestation of one's deep-desired Health and Wellness goals.  As his business name states, you can expect an experience with Sidney that is "Especially for You".

Sidney is available for multi-channel Individual and Group coaching sessions, in addition to speaking engagements and facilitating special events.

You can reach Sidney:
Phone- (224) 623-3718
Facebook- Especially for You, Lifestyle Wellness Coaching 

(Zoom Meeting ID and passcode can be found in "class history" please call 773-706-2833 one hour before the event if you cannot find the information)


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