Yoga Rx for Anxiety & Depression
1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Live Stream
Price: $20.00

Yoga Rx for Anxiety & Depression in Troubled Time

with Gabriel Halpern

Part 2: Yoga Rx for Depression: There is so much to feel down about: personal trauma, the difficulties our loved ones go through, and public events that highlightthe worst of what is constant and grave in the human condition. Is it possible to rise above our own subjective trials, as well as the collective problems all about us? There sure ! Yoga is the great mood elevator. Not only can yoga provide relief from what is weighing us down in the moment, but it charts a course for long range optimal functioning, even amidst life’s tragic and uncongenial periods.

Each session will begin with a dharma talk on how yoga, mindfulness, and paying attention to what is going on in the moment affords anyone who does this consistently an experience of what it is to be fully alive and at peace with life in the present. An asana class will follow.

This weekend’s series will confer these benefits to your overall ability to find ways to combat the stress of anxious and depressed states of mind.

You will build:

Yoga as Resilience- speedy recovery from problems. The ability to bounce back from failure. To not let set backs deter you from your goals or course. To grow from mistake and only pay the price once.Yoga as Excitement-stimulate yourself favorably. To awaken passion for your life path and lead yourself enthusiastically forward. To see what positive emotion does for inspiring you to step into your personal power and transform your life into something of your own choosing which is great.

Yoga as Flow- moving freely and fluently. Letting go and not taking things so personally or so seriously. Letting the mind rise to a high place in the face of adversity.Adopting an easy-does-it attitude and an attitude of gratitude. Yoga as Peace-mental calm free from conflict. Meditation is the path that takes you there because power collects around stillness.