COVID19 Check-in Protocol for In-Person, Pop-up Events

In order to safely accommodate students for Pop-up/In-Person/Indoor events, the following requirements are being implemented. Our event locations will be posted on our website and we will give you ample advanced notice. We feel it is important that every person who walks into events hosted by TBY feels safe and secure knowing these protocols in place.

  • It is necessary to arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to get properly situated and allow for a longer than normal check-in process. We appreciate your patience! 
  • In order to enter, you must be wearing a mask that covers your nose and your mouth. Your mask must be worn at all times upon entering, moving about and exiting. Once you are situated on your yoga mat, you may then take off your mask. If you need to leave your mat for any reason, you must wear a mask.
  • We ask that you adhere to social distancing, keeping at least six feet of space between you and others at all times which means no hugging for the time being. 
  • Please bring your own props. We suggest 2 four inch blocks, an eight-foot strap, a yoga blanket and a standard-sized sticky mat. 
  • Upon arrival, we will take your temperature, then verify your registration. 
  • Please put your belongings in a designated space. 
  • You must wash your hands before entering the practice room. 
  • Place your mat at least 6 feet away from other students. We will help with measuring upon your arrival. 
  • Bring your own water bottle. 
  • Please bring your own towel if you wish to have one for our more vigorous classes. 
  • After class ends, please put your mask on while still on your mat in order to gather your yoga props before exiting the practice room. 

In the event that someone who has been to the studio is diagnosed with the COVID19 Infection:

  • Once we are able to ascertain the date of infection, we will look through the rosters of every class the person attended
  • Following that, we will contact everyone who attended class with the infected person and inform them of the situation
  • We will request that everyone who attended any of those classes or had contact with that person please get tested and refrain from coming to the studio in person for 14 days, and to please utilize Livestream classes.
  • Alternatively, if the people in contact are able to get tested and can bring in proof of a negative test, then they can attend the studio in-person.
  • Thank you for your understanding on this.  We know this is very rigid, but the safety and health of all of you is first and foremost in our minds.