We offer an array of classes for beginning, intermediate, and seasoned yoga practitioners.  Offerings include alignment-based instruction meant to enhance physical strength and flexibility.  Additionally, all lessons will have an emotional and mental development component to relieve stress and heighten awareness.  We are pleased to offer Livestream classes and, weather permitting, Outdoor, in-person classes. Also, look for pop-up In-Studio classes at various locations as we no longer have a permanent, physical building space. See our Prices page for a single class or package options for Livestream or in-person classes. Also, see How to Register for detailed sign-up instructions.  To determine if a class is right for you, please see our descriptions below.

All Levels

Appropriate for all levels of practitioner and assumes a basic working knowledge of yoga. Students with various skill levels will be given a basic framework plus options for either a less challenging or more challenging approach. All Levels classes are appropriate for students who take Basics, Level 1 and Level 2 classes.

Gentle Basics

Students can expect to spend some time lying down in relaxing, gentle stretching postures. This is a slower-paced, nurturing practice with some introductory work in standing poses and possibly introductory work in downward facing dog. Appropriate for beginners or those seeking stress relief. Options will always be given.


The foundations of yoga are taught with a strong emphasis on alignment in standing postures. This is the perfect class to build and grow a yoga practice. This level of class is appropriate for beginning students and those looking to brush up on fundamentals. Teachers can easily accommodate prenatal students in basics level classes. Appropriate for beginners or those seeking stress relief.

Level 1

A deeper focus on alignment and a step up from basics yoga classes. Some intermediate postures will be introduced, and familiar postures will be taught with more comprehensive alignment cues. This level is good for regular practitioners looking to grow in strength and awareness. Introductory work in upside-down postures may be offered in this format.

Level 1-2

Like level 1 (read description above), more intermediate options will be offered throughout the class. Appropriate for students who are injury-free and ready to be offered challenging options.

Philosophy & Flow

This unique format contains a simple yoga philosophy lesson, work in seated yoga poses and an uplifting, slow-flowing yoga pose sequence. Because yoga is a science and art of living, the study of its basic tenets may help cultivate a healthier sense of self and purpose. Appropriate for students who take Basics, Level 1 and Level 2 classes.

Restorative & Gentle

Practice postures that promote deep relaxation.  This format offers yoga poses, supported by yoga props such as bolsters, blankets and more, all of which help renew and restore both mentally and physically.  Expect some gentle movements that strengthen the body and fortify the mind.  Classes may include some introductory work in standing poses.  This format may also include simple breathwork.  Appropriate for any level of practitioner, especially beginners.

Morning Coffee Wisdom

This Livestream class, led by renowned Buddhist monk Bhante Sujatha, is a blend of meditation, mantra and discussion.  Bhante, known as the Lovingkindness Monk, shares a reflection, followed by meditation.  After meditating, Bhante opens the floor for discussion and questions, based on the day’s reflection.  This class is excellent for emotional and mental development and stress relief.

Write & Restore

The art of writing and yoga collide in this gentler class, which will help students tap into emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Expect poses that promote deep relaxation through the use of props such as bolsters, blankets, and more. Writing prompts and gentle postures will guide practitioners in letting go of old stories. The result? A feeling of renewal in body, mind and spirit. The class may also include simple breathing techniques and yoga Nidra-style meditation. Appropriate for any level of practitioner.

Private Instruction

A one-on-one session with an experienced yoga teacher can be a great way to get you ready for regular classes or work on a specific issue. We also offer small group instruction by request—Call 773-706-2833 or email support@tbyyoga.com to set up your individual instruction or small group class. Rates begin at $100 per session, and packages can be created for on-going instruction.  Lessons can be done via zoom or in-person.

Something for Everyone!

After finding a class that is an appropriate fit, go to the How to Register page for detailed instructions on signing up. Sign-up for specific classes on the Schedule page. 

Livestream  Choose from one of nearly 20, weekly Zoom classes. Go to “My Account” in the upper-left-hand corner to either register with TBY or sign-in to your current account. See How to Register for detailed instructions on signing up.

Outdoors During warmer months (weather permitting), yoga classes will be offered at outdoor locations in Mundelein, Vernon Hills and Libertyville. Register and get a map of the location on the Schedule page.

Pop-up Classes  From time-to-time, pop-up yoga classes at various indoor locations may be held. Subscribe to our emails by scrolling to the bottom of this page to be informed of any pop-up events. Classes will be listed on the Schedule along with a map of the location.  COVID19 Protocols and studio etiquette will be followed for pop-up events.  (*please note that TBY is no longer housed in a permanent building and will only offer pop-up yoga classes when space rental is available on occasion.)

  • Livestream Classes: Go to “My Account” to register. Zoom info will be emailed. See How to Register.

  • Pop-up Classes (when available): Bring your own props (recommended 2 Four inch bricks, a blanket and a strap)

  • Outdoors classes (during warmer months): Login to “My Account,” then register on our Schedule page. Location and map will be listed.

  • For any pop-up, in-person event we will require masks to enter and follow current protocol on mask-wearing during class. We require social distancing at Outdoor events.

  • Questions?  Email us at support@tbyyoga.com or call 773-706-2833.

Over the past 20 years, I have taught in hundreds of yoga studios worldwide and TBY Yoga is one of the true gems. Andrew and Julia have a two-pronged goal in their minds and hearts: to create community and uphold the yogic wisdom they value. As owners and leaders they have made a clear decision to operate from their beliefs and to provide consistent, yogic teachings both on and off the mat. They prioritize transparency and stand for their values with fortitude. I am proud to call them my friends and honored to be a visiting teacher at this outstanding studio.

Desiree R.

Among the many great things about total body yoga is welcoming acceptance of all people regardless of age, faith, background, orientation or social class!! Loving community! Yoga accessible to all levels and body types!

Jose Q.

I have tried ALL of the yoga studios in the Northwest suburbs. Without a doubt, this is the best. The owners have created a studio with the perfect vibe. The practice area is large, clean, peaceful, and welcoming. All the teachers are professional, knowledgeable and make every student feel comfortable. Anyone who wants to start a yoga practice should begin here.

Susan W.

Love this studio! The teachers are fantastic and instructional. There are so many options for classes and different levels so there is a class for everyone!

Rochelle A.

This a welcoming environment filled with people who create a great family atmosphere. All the teachers are amazing and there are classes for everyone. I’m so glad I found this place.

Terry L.

This is a great place to learn/grow your practice. I was new to yoga, and I am having a wonderful experience. Julia and Andrew have created a place where everyone is welcome and encouraged. The teachers are very knowledgeable. TBY is a really loving and kind community. It’s amazing! You gotta check it out for yourself.

Cynthia W.

TBY Yoga is a tremendous yoga studio. From the minute you first walk in the door you feel he sense if community. All of the instructors at TBY are dedicated and make sure they meet you where you are. They also excel in helping you make adjustments to your practice that are effective for you.

Paul S.

I love practicing and teaching in this beautiful space! The owners are the most generous, kind and conscious humans and you can feel it in the air when you walk in. So grateful to be associated with a place that offers amazing classes with an atmosphere that is no doubt sacred for those who have found themselves turning inward on their mats under beautiful lights and inspiring tapestries.

Anna O.

Julia and Andrew have created such an amazing space at TBY Yoga. I live in Chicago (where I also did my teacher training) but work in the northern suburbs, which is how I found TBY. Ever since the studio where I trained in Chicago closed I’ve been looking for a new home studio. There are so many studios across Chicagoland… some have a great atmosphere, some have amazing teachers, but it’s incredibly difficult to find a studio that has it all… and where there is also a connected, caring community where ALL feel welcome. At TBY yoga, they put effort into ensuring that yoga is never intimidating and that there truly is something for everyone. This is what sets this studio apart. While I generally only attend a few classes due to my schedule, they have a diversity of class offerings and times to accommodate anyone’s schedule. They care about their students and hire quality teachers that truly care about helping students build a safe, sustainable yoga practice. I am so grateful to be a part of the TBY community (I only wish I could clone the studio so that we could have one in the city)! Keep up the great work my friends and thanks for all you do. 🙏🏼

Natalie B.

There are few places in the world that hold such a special place in my heart. Everything at TBY from the general atmosphere and energy of the space to the amazing breadth of class options and knowledge of the individual teachers is a wonder to behold. The entire community that TBY has created can change you in ways that you never could have imagined if you allow it. I’m so grateful for this place.

Jon S.