Practice to Practice

  By Laura Mills         This week I’ve invited my students to consider the word “practice.” Obviously, we refer to every 60 or 75 minutes on our yoga mats as a practice; in a larger sense, some of us refer to our routine of attending classes and maybe other aspects of our lifestyle collectively as our yoga practice. Off the mat, we practice sports, music, dance, and other activities that we’ve made ongoing parts of our lives. And some professionals like doctors, dentists, and lawyers refer to their work as their practice.      Without looking up the word [...]

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The Yoga of Politics

by Stephanie Rehor   Being a yogi and political activist are two things that do not always jive. Before yoga, I had an affinity towards protests and to this day the thought of loud chaotic bantering and free flowing radical expression still excites me.  Since I’ve turned to yoga, I am still an activist but I look at things in a different light. This light is more in touch with reality and how change will actually manifest. I take this inspiration from great yoga teachers, such as Seane Corn, founder of the yoga activist group Off the Mat into the World. [...]

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Heartbreak and Yoga

by Stephanie Rehor   For me, Valentine's Day has not been the swoon worthy, chocolate devouring, love fest that was once promised. The disappointments began when I was in second grade. The day had finally come for the class Valentine's Day party and I was going to confess my love to the cutest boy in class. I mustered enough courage to walk up to him and gave him, what I thought to be, quite the romantic note. Trembling, I watched as he read it. I waited for a reaction but he just kept staring at the letter. Time seemingly stood still [...]

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Kundalini Yoga: Myth & Reality

by Carol Crawford, TBY Teacher   Kundalini yoga and subtle energy work can be dangerous.     Myth. Each of us has life force energy within us, but often we don't access or fully leverage this energy.  This energy is an innate part of us and no more dangerous than any other part of our body. Most yogis understand this energy in the context of the Chakra System. Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan employs rhythmic breath, exercise, meditation and mantra (or chanting) as a technology to optimize the free flow of energy up the central spine from first chakra (rectum) through 7th [...]

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Choose Peace over Misery!

By Julia Jonson “If peace comes from seeing the whole, then misery stems from a loss of perspective.” This reflection by Mark Nepo, author of the New York Times bestseller The Book or Awakening, is a pointed reminder that even when most things in life are going reasonably well, misery is a moment of suffering that is allowed to become everything. This rousing observation reminds me of Richard Carlson's 90-10 trap. Carlson, who wrote, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Teens, encourages young readers to become aware of how easy it is to focus on the negative parts of life. [...]

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Teacher Feature: Mara Campbell

Teacher SpotlightMara Campbell interviewed by Julia C. JonsonHow and when did you first practice yoga?It was around 2002 in Madison, Wisconsin, in my hometown where I began taking a Thursday evening gentle class at a local yoga cooperative. I was looking for stress relief from being an elementary school teacher and I found that I was a gentler teacher to my students each Friday and felt better physically than I had in years. I kept attending that yoga class each week and it took me over two years before braving an intermediate class. I will never forget how challenging downward facing [...]

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Teacher Feature: Brooke Cline

  Beloved Brooke Cline A Favorite Teacher's Transformational Inner Journey (Brooke in Urdhva Dhanurasana with her daughter Dylan) Interview by Julia JonsonWhat first brought you to the practice of yoga?I tried yoga for the first time in my mid 20s but I don’t think I was ready for the practice. I preferred more adrenaline based exercise outlets like spinning and running and ultimately I had a hard time slowing down my body ….  and mind. It wasn’t until I was desperate to find pain relief for a herniated disc while pregnant with my daughter just over 11 years ago that I [...]

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Health and Hope… an Upcoming Seva Class

  By Laura Mills          When I received my lupus diagnosis back in 2009, I already had a history of anemia and constantly-cold, color-changing hands; rashes after time in the sun; occasional redness on my nose and cheeks; general tiredness; and a little bit of stiffness, especially in my legs. But after the official diagnosis, I struggled to digest the fact that I now needed a regular medication regimen as well as to get blood drawn and visit a rheumatologist every few months. I could barely believe that coping with a chronic and unpredictable autoimmune condition would characterize the rest [...]

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Why Restore?

Why Restore?   By Laura Mills   Earlier this week I attended one of TBY's Restorative Yoga classes. I don't often practice Restorative, but this particular day I happened to be at the studio at just the right time. I love how I feel after a Restorative class, and I know I would definitely benefit from more frequent practice of it. But given a choice between Restorative Yoga and a more-quickly-moving Vinyasa flow, I opt for Vinyasa most of the time. As someone who can barely sit still even when tired, the thought of holding any pose longer than a few [...]

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Calling All Yogis….

     By Laura Mills    Sometimes, we just itch to pull out our mats. Like when sitting in the middle of a less-than-productive meeting; or driving a carpool of chattering, wriggling kids; or sorting a deep pile of dirty laundry. And the mat is definitely the place we’d rather be instead of at the kitchen table paying bills, the pharmacy picking up a prescription, or the yard cleaning after our pets. But yoga cravings also occur at other less -stressful moments. Many of us have felt the urge to breathe and flow, for example, while in the grocery store cereal [...]

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