By Stephanie Bersh

Your journal, like your mat, is your refuge, a place where you can let your guard down, discover who you really are, and celebrate that discovery. – Bruce Black

I fell in love with writing when I was just a young girl. It started with writing in a diary and sharing my days and my crushes. As I moved into my tumultuous teen years, my diary morphed into a journal.  It shifted from who I was crushing on to my innermost feelings and thoughts, and it became my safe space to work through the drama of relationships and friendships in my daily life. 

My writing ritual followed me into adulthood, with me composing the stories of my life onto those lined pages.  My struggles, my losses, my heartaches all documented in ink. The pages filled with my deepest longings and the dreams and goals I was manifesting for my future.  In return, the written words on those pages soothed my soul, showed me clarity, helped me process and release those stories I was telling myself, true or false.  Those pages documented my journey, the lessons learned between the words were a testament to my busy, beautiful, imperfect life. 

 I fell in love with yoga in my adult life.  Similar to my writing process, something magical happened every time I stepped onto my mat. Whether I was moving my body or sitting in stillness, yoga held me and opened me up.  It tapped into my emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being while creating a safe space to fill me up and release me all at once.  Yoga is the gateway to open my heart.  It helps me reach into those dark places in order to let my light shine through and embrace my authentic self.  

Whether I am on my mat or writing in my journal, it is where I find the deepest connection to myself.  In this space, the heaviness of those stories I carried in my emotional and physical body were released into the universe.  As my yoga practice grew, I started to bring my journal to my mat. Some days I would write while I was waiting for class to begin.  The act of writing cracks open my emotional self. The movement, breath, and stillness on my yoga mat allow me to process the words, thoughts, and stories that I believed were true.

Over time I have discovered the practices of writing and yoga combined have provided me with deeper insight into myself as well as beautiful transformations in my life. When I write before my yoga practice, I become more centered and drop into my body quicker.  On days when my practice comes first,  the peace I find on my mat provides me space and clarity. I see the words in savasana that I have been struggling to find all week.   This union of yoga and writing gives me a beautiful growing gift of awareness in my mind, heart, body, and soul.  It guides me to tap into the best version of myself again and again.

I hope you will join me on the mat to write and restore yourself.  Allow me to guide you in releasing the stories you are carrying in your emotional and physical body and find a deeper connection with yourself.

Join me Wednesdays at 5:30 pm for Write & Restore

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