Poem by Walterrean Salley

Be good to yourself—

You deserve it.

Take care of yourself 

While you’re here.

No one else can do it

Better than you.

Hold yourself up. 

Don’t be your worst enemy.

Nor a ‘self hater, ‘

Like some love to do.

Live and enjoy life.

Look in the mirror and smile.

Believe that good things

Will happen for you.

Be grateful that you were 

A candidate for life.

And let such gratitude


Make the best choices for yourself.

Exercise. Rest.

And eat properly.

For on such things the body thrives.

Love yourself, 

And then you can love others too.

Serenade you with a song.

Honor YOU with a poem.

And like an old friend that you

Would visit every now and then, 

Take care of ‘yourself.’

For you shall not pass this way again.