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Vinyasa: To Place in a Special Way

By Julia Jonson Ostensibly for some, going with the flow, being adaptable, and rolling with the punches comes easily. As we’ve all experienced, the dynamic and sometimes random nature of life makes it impossible to be prepared in any given moment. Since life will inevitably throw curveballs, adopting a more yielding way of existence does a body and mind good. This takes a lot of practice. Vinyasa is a term used in postural yoga classes to describe an intelligent way of flowing and linking breath with movement. This concept can be directly applied to our daily lives. The term refers [...]

Vinyasa: To Place in a Special Way2021-03-14T15:05:26-05:00

Embracing Discomfort

By Thomas Tiernan Most of us reading this are blessed enough to be living in a great amount of comfort.  We wake up in cozy beds in climate controlled homes. We have climate controlled transportation, which brings us from one comfortable environment to the other.  To top it all off, we have the ability to order products and food without ever having to venture out and impinge on our sense of well-being. As a society, we have gone to great lengths to make sure we have access to something comfortable at all times. With the advent of technology, it would [...]

Embracing Discomfort2019-07-10T07:54:35-05:00

Teacher Feature: Page Webb

Page’s PathA Peek at Page Webb’s Eclectic Yoga and Life Journey (Page Webb pictured 8,500 feet up hiking Montana's "The Beaten Path") interviewed by Julia Jonson You’ve had quite a journey with yoga. Where did you first start and what attracted you to the practice?A friend took me to a Bikram class. I taught group fitness, so the hot, sweaty type of yoga made sense to me. I loved the way I felt after a class. I continued practicing hot yoga for years but gradually moved toward different styles. Where else are you invited take child's pose or savasana in the [...]

Teacher Feature: Page Webb2018-10-10T15:11:18-05:00

Health and Hope… an Upcoming Seva Class

  By Laura Mills          When I received my lupus diagnosis back in 2009, I already had a history of anemia and constantly-cold, color-changing hands; rashes after time in the sun; occasional redness on my nose and cheeks; general tiredness; and a little bit of stiffness, especially in my legs. But after the official diagnosis, I struggled to digest the fact that I now needed a regular medication regimen as well as to get blood drawn and visit a rheumatologist every few months. I could barely believe that coping with a chronic and unpredictable autoimmune condition would characterize the rest [...]

Health and Hope… an Upcoming Seva Class2018-10-10T15:11:32-05:00

Choose Peace over Misery!

By Julia Jonson “If peace comes from seeing the whole, then misery stems from a loss of perspective.” This reflection by Mark Nepo, author of the New York Times bestseller The Book or Awakening, is a pointed reminder that even when most things in life are going reasonably well, misery is a moment of suffering that is allowed to become everything. This rousing observation reminds me of Richard Carlson's 90-10 trap. Carlson, who wrote, Don't Sweat the Small Stuff for Teens, encourages young readers to become aware of how easy it is to focus on the negative parts of life. [...]

Choose Peace over Misery!2019-03-14T17:36:58-05:00

Yoga Lullaby

  By Laura Mills     “Time” just doesn’t mean what it used to in my house; every spare moment during which I can wipe the kitchen counter or (on the best days) sip some tea has dramatically increased in value. These days, I compose my classes and write my blogs during my daughter’s naptime—when she naps, that is—so of course I usually find myself trying to take advantage of every minute.      One day shortly after Thanksgiving festivities had upset our usual routine, my daughter started crying as soon as I put her down and didn’t stop as usual. I waited a [...]

Yoga Lullaby2018-10-10T15:11:25-05:00

Why Restore?

Why Restore?   By Laura Mills   Earlier this week I attended one of TBY's Restorative Yoga classes. I don't often practice Restorative, but this particular day I happened to be at the studio at just the right time. I love how I feel after a Restorative class, and I know I would definitely benefit from more frequent practice of it. But given a choice between Restorative Yoga and a more-quickly-moving Vinyasa flow, I opt for Vinyasa most of the time. As someone who can barely sit still even when tired, the thought of holding any pose longer than a few [...]

Why Restore?2018-10-10T15:11:24-05:00

Turn Fear Into Curiosity

  By Desiree Rumbaugh Co-author of Fearless After Fifty: How to Thrive With Grace, Grit and Yoga     In my thirty years of practice, including owning a yoga studio for fifteen years, and my twenty years of traveling the world teaching yoga, I have had the good fortune of meeting and learning from students from diverse backgrounds. One recurrent pattern of thinking that I have often heard is the idea that our yoga practice should decrease in intensity as we get older. Many people feel that they no longer need to push themselves in their practice and they are more [...]

Turn Fear Into Curiosity2018-10-10T15:11:41-05:00

My Definition of Aging Gracefully

  By Desiree Rumbaugh co-author of Fearless After Fifty: How To Thrive With Grace, Grit and Yoga     “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” - Mahatma Gandhi As I embark on my 60th year of life, one of my favorite sentiments from the masterful Gandhi are words to live by. As the natural process of aging keeps me on my toes, I find that growing older gracefully is a practice that takes presence and an open, positive mindset.   Here are principles I apply in my own life:   Redefine [...]

My Definition of Aging Gracefully2018-10-10T15:11:40-05:00

TBY Teacher Feature: Laura Mills

    If you’ve ever taken a class with Laura Mills, you know that she has a warm demeanor and a thoughtful and well-rounded teaching style that is a tribute to her years of experience and knowledge. Laura started teaching at Total Body Yoga in April of 2010 and considers the studio to be her yoga home. Laura heads the Intro to Yoga program (open to beginners and regular practitioners alike) at TBY which focuses on multiple facets of the yoga practice from etiquette, lessons about the props, philosophy and, of course, the poses. Laura says she draws her sense of purpose as [...]

TBY Teacher Feature: Laura Mills2018-10-10T15:11:40-05:00
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