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Thoughts on Gratitude

A Letter of Thanks from Andrew Gurvey 11/26/2020 Dear TBY Yoga Community, 2020 has certainly been a challenging year for all of us.  I’m always careful when I make a blanket statement like that, but with the onset of COVID-19, a heavily divided and vicious political climate, a record number of natural disasters (all of which are record-setting in and of themselves), and the resultant effect that we are essentially isolated from one another and have to adapt to new ways of creating connections. This is a powerful time, indeed, and a scary one.  For me, it’s easy to get [...]

Thoughts on Gratitude2020-11-25T21:55:46-06:00

Be Good to Yourself!

Poem by Walterrean Salley Be good to yourself— You deserve it. Take care of yourself  While you're here. No one else can do it Better than you. Hold yourself up.  Don't be your worst enemy. Nor a 'self hater, ' Like some love to do. Live and enjoy life. Look in the mirror and smile. Believe that good things Will happen for you. Be grateful that you were  A candidate for life. And let such gratitude Show. Make the best choices for yourself. Exercise. Rest. And eat properly. For on such things the body thrives. Love yourself,  And then you [...]

Be Good to Yourself!2020-11-20T10:42:33-06:00

Shapeshifting, Not Goodbye

Dear Yoga Community, We shared some big news with our teachers and staff last night (11/11/20). We announced that TBY Yoga would continue in a different form without a physical building. It is truly the end of an era for a space that holds such deep meaning for so many of us. Over the past nine months, we’ve been able to forge tight-knit relationships among the staff and community members as we provided skillful instruction with Livestream and Outdoor classes. As sad and heavy-hearted as we are right now to be losing our brick and mortar we have witnessed that [...]

Shapeshifting, Not Goodbye2020-11-16T14:41:58-06:00

Understanding Racism in America

Educational Resources for Beginning to Understand Racism in America By Julia Jonson For racial healing to begin, understanding has to happen first. As yoga teachers, our job is to have compassion and teach awareness, which fosters empathy. Protests in favor of racial equality erupted after former police officer Derek Chauvin was caught on camera kneeling on George Floyd’s neck. Chauvin faces charges in the killing that lasted close to 9 minutes after Floyd called out for his mother and whispered that he couldn’t breathe.  Protests for racial equality are happening against the backdrop of a global pandemic that has disproportionately [...]

Understanding Racism in America2020-11-02T14:31:08-06:00

TBY Talks – Overcoming Obstacles

In this first episode of TBY Talks, a foursome of friends waxed eloquent on the topic of Overcoming Obstacles. We felt it a timely topic as we collectively weather a global pandemic, social unrest, a historic election, and much more. TBY Co-Owners Julia Jonson and Andrew Gurvey had an enlightening conversation with TBY student Kadi Petridis and her fiancé Dr. Willie Underwood (bios below!). We hope this complimentary episode touches your life in some way.  https://youtu.be/82VY-Z4v62E Kadi Petridis Kadi Petridis was born in Bamako, Mali, to a black Malian mother and a white American father who served in the Peace Corps in [...]

TBY Talks – Overcoming Obstacles2020-10-25T17:04:47-05:00

Finding Joy in Adversity

By Kadi Petridis Sr. Director/Team Lead South Central Oncology Account Management Team Pfizer, Inc. (TBY Yoga Student/Guest Contributor) A women’s group at my company invited me to write a blog post on the topic of Joy earlier this year. At the time I had no idea we would be in the midst of a global pandemic as well as a major call to action led by citizens across the globe to address the issues of police brutality and systemic racism in the United States.  Both issues are a stark reminder that life as we know it can and will shift [...]

Finding Joy in Adversity2020-10-05T08:25:26-05:00

Yoga for Anxiety

By Deb Shults (Julia's Aunt, Psychotherapist LIMHP, Yoga Teacher) Hi! My name is Deb Shults. Some of you may ‘know’ me from zoom TBY Yoga classes as Julia Jonson’s Aunt Deb. That is a role I cherish but just one of many. I am a wife of 45 years, mom of 3 and grandma to 7. I am a retired mental health therapist, yoga instructor, foster care board member and amateur tennis buff. I am telling you all this as a preface to my contributing to the TBY Yoga staff as a guest blogger. My yoga journey began in 2006 [...]

Yoga for Anxiety2020-10-07T10:28:28-05:00

Love Your Body!

By Julia Jonson Yoga Teacher/TBY Creative Director I envision meeting a woman who is 100% comfortable in her own skin, wouldn't dream of saying disparaging things about her body or visage, and she would happily accept compliments. Yet, I've met many self-confident sisters, who in asking even the most poised, self-assured woman if she'd change her appearance --- she's likely to say "yup”. It's a well-known fact that the diet and beauty industries thrive by undermining our appearance. Titles like Tips to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds, Hot Hints for Gym Proof Hair, Banish the Bloat: 5 Steps to Slim [...]

Love Your Body!2020-02-05T08:48:16-06:00

Getting to Know Paul Stonchus

By Julia Jonson It’s hard to miss Paul Stonchus when he walks into a room. At Total Body Yoga, he’s the very tall blonde guy who rarely misses his regular classes. He gets out all of his props and finds a spot on the front row, then gives it his all. Paul says he was born this way and that his mom always encouraged him to just get out there and do it in spite of the fact that he has Cerebral Palsy. Paul was born in 1960. He suffered a collapsed lung during birth, which created a lack of [...]

Getting to Know Paul Stonchus2019-10-22T11:35:05-05:00

One Day on Earth

By Holly Aronoff Today marks the nine-year anniversary of the documentary titled One Day on Earth that was filmed 10-10-10 with footage of virtually every country on the planet chronicling the events of one single day. The filmmaker, Kyle Ruddick, who organized the documentary, edited footage from approximately 192 countries—-involving more than 7,000 people. The film's creators categorized everything into different segments according to activities, which featured babies being born, people falling in love, getting married, going to prison, dying from illness, soldiers marching, people making music, the art of dancing, preparing and eating food, consumption and shopping, disposing of [...]

One Day on Earth2019-10-11T07:34:41-05:00
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